by Tony Roberts

This season was one of the most challenging endeavors we have ever undertaken. First off, I want to emphasize the incredible efforts of all the owners that took part in the league this year, with particular thanks to Lane Smith who went above and beyond to keep this team together. We were challenged in ways we did not expect in a MASL season, and despite some tough times, I'm very proud of the resilience and resourcefulness our players and organization showed. This is much more than a team, it's a family. 

We competed in every match, dealt with the adversity as best we could, and ultimately left the season feeling as though we could have done far more. 

I want to thank all the fans that supported us, shared their love when we were down, and celebrated with us when times were good this season. We cannot and would not want to do it without the best fans in the league and are all anxiously awaiting next season to create new memories together, in person, in Washington. From the heart: Thank you.

Go Stars!