Player Profile - Nick Perera

by Brian Hallberg

This past week we had a moment to sit down with former Tacoma Stars coach and current OL Reign GM Nick Perera and ask him a few questions.  This will be the first installment of a bi-weekly player profile for you the fan to learn more about your favorite players.  

What are you most excited about for the future of the MASL? and the Tacoma Stars? 

I think from a league perspective, the addition of a new franchise owner with the renown of Ronaldinho, and the strengthening of the league through franchise returns is something that’s really exciting. For the Stars I think I’m most excited to see a qualitative jump in professionalism in how we approach the season and how we prepare for the task ahead.

Who are you anticipating to make the next big jump for the Tacoma Stars?

Last season there were a lot of newer players involved in the first team, but two that I think can really make an impact moving forward are: Alessandro Canale and Fellipe Oliveira. I think Alessandro has gotten better year after year, and the more he’s around the indoor game, the more effective he can become, and Fellipe is someone we only got to see briefly last year but who has a lot of the necessary tools to be successful at this level.

You have had a lot of success with the National beach team. What has been your favorite memory?

It’s really hard to pick just one. Some of the more notable are: playing against and beating Mexico in my first ever International match, the drama of winning in penalties to qualify for the 2019 FIFA World Cup, scoring my 100th goal for the US National team...

Last year you and your family made the big move to Washington after a couple years of commuting. How has your family handled all the transition? 

So far we love it. The family has settled in really nicely and truthfully, this feels like home. My kids love their school and my wife really enjoys living here, so no complaints so far, except perhaps the general lack of sunshine.

How are you feeling about your first five months as the GM for the OL Reign?

I’m really pleased with the scope of work and I think we have something really special in our club. The players, the staff, everyone associated, they believe in what we are doing and are advocates for using sport to make the world a better and more equitable place for all. There’s a drive and passion to win that’s right up my alley and I really enjoy the parity and difficulty within the NWSL.

I know I have a lot to learn as I delve further into the job but so far I think it’s been great.

Nick Perera Stats 

180 goals 

171 assists 

351 total points 


3x All MASL Teams