Player Profile - Fellipe Souza

by Brian Hallberg

Fellipe Souza tooks some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.  While playing 13 games for the Stars last season he provided a spark and a hustle that was fun to watch.

What are a couple of your highlights playing your rookie season in the MASL?

The highlight of my rookie season in the MASL was without a doubt my first game with the Tacoma stars. It wasn't only my first game but I was also blessed to have a good game that day, scoring my first goal and contributing with an assist. 

What are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming season?

I look forward to seeing a successful team, fighting for each other and working hard for our objectives. I believe we have great players that can lead us to success alongside the new additions to the team. 

How are you getting ready during the off-season?

This off-season I have been working with some local teams to maintain the ball work, and also doing a lot of strengthening and conditioning outside the field. 

What do you think enabled your transition from outdoor to indoor to go so smoothly?

Before moving outdoor I played futsal, while still living in Brazil. The futsal helped me differentiate myself from some outdoor players for many reasons, and I believe coming back to a smaller field such as indoor soccer was easier based on my background. 

When was that moment that you fell in love with soccer?

As a Brazilian, soccer was always part of my life, I grew up watching and playing it. However, the most remarkable moment that made me dream of the sport was in 2002, when Brazil won the World Cup. 

Fellipe Souza Stats 

12 games 

3 goals 

2 assists 

5 points 

9 blocks