by Pete Richmire

TACOMA, WA. - We are having so much fun with the 'Getting to Know' articles that we have decided to introduce you to the voices associated with Tacoma Stars professional indoor soccer! No better way to kick things off than Getting to Know Stars public address announcer Randy McNair.

Q: People are familiar with your voice at the accesso  ShoWare Center for Stars games. During the off-season, they can hear your smooth sounds at Cheney Stadium. How long have you been the P.A. announcer for the Tacoma Rainiers?

A: Since the start of the 2015 season!  Wow, that's 9 seasons! Where in tarnation does the time go? 

Q: If you got to choose any event, game, sport, etc., to announce in any venue in the world, where would you be behind the mic?

A: I'm a true Washingtonian and baseball is most certainly my jam. You can offer me any sports team, venue or event you want; I will always choose the Seattle Mariners. Announcing for the Mariners has been a dream since I was a young tyke. It's a big deal that I get to announce for the Stars and the Rainiers; The Seattle Mariners would be the big, giant, juicy cherry on top.

Q: Mickey Mouse or Chuck E. Cheese, and why?

A:Without a doubt, Mickey Mouse. His cartoons, movies, adorable voice, theme parks, rides, food, and even his hugs are better. Not to slam o'l Chuck, but, that business has totally gone downhill in my adult years. The pizza is, shockingly, not too bad though.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to be a P.A. announcer for sports?

A: You have to develop a style.  Find your voice.  Find an energy and excitement level you are comfortable with and then go out and find a gig at a local school announcing the sport you love.  Once you've served at a high school for a couple of years, move on to College, where you can gain more experience with being involved in a production.

Q: What is the name you have had the most fun announcing in the MASL?

A:I'm a homer, so it's going to be a Tacoma Star.  I don't know if fans have noticed, but, Fellipe Souza sure is a lot of fun to say! Feeeeeellipe Sooooooooooooooooooouzaaaa! Gets me jazzed for Opening Night on December 9th. Get your tickets now at! Lol! 

Q: It's been several years for you behind the mic for the Stars but we are going to make you pick one favorite moment to call. What's it going to be?

A:Easy. 7 years ago, Mike Ramos scored the game-winning goal to beat Nick Perera and the San Diego Sockers. ShoWare was absolutely rocking. Forever ingrained in this announcer's all-time memory bank. 

Q: Any P.A. announcers you look up to?

A:Tom Hutyler, Mariners Public Address announcer since 1987. I absolutely love Hutyler's work and, of course, his voice is Golden. 

Q: Outside of sports, what is your favorite hobby?

A:I do enjoy video games. I'm a very competitive individual, I play to win. 

Q: Fans hear your announcing work but may be surprised to know you are quite the singer as well. Any chance of a Stars game performance, say before the game with everyone standing with their hats removed or during a timeout?

A: Are you trying to get me to sing the National Anthem, Pete? I may be able to carry a tune, however, we have had plenty of incredible singers come to the ShoWare Center and nail that most difficult song. As far as singing during timeouts? The Stars score far too many goals for me to have enough voice to sing a do-ditty during the game. Let's keep it that way. 

Q: Speaking of singers, you can only listen to one album on repeat for an entire month. What is the artist and album?

A: Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years. Those songs make me think about life. The good, bad, happy and sad.

Q: What is one fact about Randy McNair that would surprise fans?

A:  I am a red salsa connoisseur. Go ahead, bring me a sample of your homemade best. Try to knock my socks off!