by Pete Richmire

TACOMA, WA. -We know you love to cheer for the Stars on the field but now, we want you to get to know the players you cheer for! Every week we will spotlight a different Tacoma Stars player and highlight them here. In our sights for this week is eight-year Stars veteran defender Chase Hanson!

Q: Let's go back in time! You won just about every honor available from the Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune during your time at Thomas Jefferson High School. Now you have to pick your favorite memory from those days. What do you pick?

A:There are so many good memories playing high school soccer, it’s difficult to pick just one. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to play all 4 years considering the academy rules back then. But my favorite memory would have to be playing against (and usually beating) some of my club teammates.

Q: You played three years at Seattle U under Washington Soccer Hall of Fame coach Pete Fewing. What's one thing you take from that time you'll never forget as a player?

A: Pete is such an outstanding coach and person and I was so honored to play for him. One thing that will always stand out to me is how he made us feel fortunate and lucky to be given these special opportunities on and off the field. He always said that not everyone gets these opportunities and you cannot take it for granted. Off the field, I will never forget the rules we had about picking up our hotel rooms on the road and I still live by them. On the field, I will never forget the upset we had against Creighton in 2013 in the NCAA tournament and the goal I scored against UW in the next game.

QWhat is your favorite Holiday and why?

A:Christmas. I love the rain and snow and being able to spend quality time with family.

QYou've played MASL games in several cities where there are currently no teams such as Las Vegas and Sonora. Which former MASL city needs another team?

A:I would love for Las Vegas to bring back a team. I don’t score often but I scored a game-winner against them so I will always have that special memory.

Q: Harder to score a goal in, indoor or outdoor soccer?


Q: Dogs or cats, or both?

A:Dogs all day. I’m allergic to cats.

Q: You can pick ANY soccer stadium to play in around the world, where are you taking the pitch?

A: Camp Nou. 

Q: What is your side job from the Tacoma Stars? Fans will recognize the name!

A:I work for BECU in the operations division.

Q: Is coaching in Chase's future?

A:I haven’t really thought about it but maybe one day.

Q: What is the one piece of advice you would give to Northwest drivers in the rain?

A: Don’t forget to turn your lights on, day or night.

Q: Favorite sports movie?


Q: One thing about Chase Hanson that would surprise fans?

A:If I wasn’t playing indoor soccer during the Winter, I would be shredding powder up in the mountains every day.