by Pete Richmire

TACOMA, WA. - We know you love to cheer for the Stars on the field but now, we want you to get to know the players you cheer for! Every week we will spotlight a different Tacoma Stars player and highlight them here. This week, get to know midfielder Adrian Correa.

  1. How long have you been playing soccer?    I have been playing soccer since I could walk. 
  2. You have a pretty impressive side gig from the Stars. Tell the fans what you do!  Other than the Stars, I am a firefighter for the Tacoma Fire Department at Station 1. 
  3. When did you know that's what you wanted to do?  I decided I wanted to be a firefighter back in high school I wanted to do something I could be proud of and enjoy every day I work. 
  4. If you could turn a hose on any of your teammates, who would it be?  If I had to spray the hose at any teammate it would be Nick Perera or Tyler John because they both can get me going! HAHA!
  5. Who is the toughest of your teammates to go against during practice?  Fellipe (Souza), because you have to play soccer without being able to touch him or it’s a foul! :) 
  6. What is your favorite place to go in Tacoma?  My favorite place to go to in Tacoma is Trappers Sushi. 
  7. Does pineapple belong on pizza?  Pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza!
  8. Who is your favorite music artist/group?  My favorite artist is Lil Durk and Rod Wave. 
  9. Have you played any other sports besides soccer?  Growing up I played basketball, football, and soccer. I even tried baseball for a year but the ball was too small. 
  10. Give us one fact about Adrian Correa that would surprise fans.  I am slowly but surely workin' my way to being 6’ tall. 
  11. If you had the choice of the ability to fly or be invisible, what would you choose and why?  I would choose invisibility because I don’t wanna be that high up in the air. 
  12. What is your favorite on-field memory with the Stars?  My most memorable memory is my first year in the league I slid to block a shot against Kansas City and Danny Waltman picked me up from behind so high because of how excited he was. 
  13. What is your favorite road venue to play in?  My favorite road venue to play in is Kansas City (Cable Dahmer Arena).
  14. What is one piece of advice you would tell a youth player looking to play at the elite level?  One piece of advice I would tell younger players is “Hard work beats talent went talent fails to work hard”