by Tony Roberts

What is GiveBIG Washington?

  • GiveBIG is a 48-hour online giving campaign where individuals and organizations come together and make an investment toward improving the quality of life in our communities by supporting the missions of nonprofits.

    How can I donate?

  • What does Washington Youth Soccer Foundation plan to use donations for?
    We want to make an immediate impact on the families and communities we run programming for, focusing on areas of need like nutrition and exercise. We’re putting together a summer program that not only gets food into these homes, but also provides nutritional support and a plan to help kids get the CDC-recommended 60 minutes of activity per day, even under quarantine conditions.

  • Who does it benefit?

    Over 1200 elementary-aged kids and their families throughout Auburn, Kent, Highline, Seattle, and Yakima.

  • How does my donation help?

    For as little as $25, your donation not only provides nutritional education and food assistance to an entire family, it also secures a season-long spot for a child on one of our teams! Plus, all donations are matched, so your money goes further. Support two players for the price of one!

  • When is it?

    GiveBIG is held on May 5-6, 2020, from 12:00 am PST to 11:59 pm PST.

  • I want to donate, but what if I’m busy on May 5th and 6th?

    No worries! You can schedule your donation anytime after April 15th, and it will be processed immediately.

  • Are donations tax-deductible?

    Donations made through are tax-deductible to the extent approved by law. An organization's tax deductibility status can be found under "Organization Information" on their GiveBIG page. Some organizations are tax-exempt and approved by the IRS but donations to the organization are not tax-deductible under federal law.

  • Will donors receive a tax receipt?

    After you submit your donation form, you will receive an email confirmation that serves as a receipt. If you do not see an email receipt right away, please check your spam or junk inbox before contacting the GiveBIG Support Team. You can resend a copy of your receipt(s) to the email you checked out with on the GiveBIG homepage.

  • Where can I find information about FUNdraising campaigns?

    Donors can create a personal fundraising campaign for the Washington Youth Soccer Foundation through the platform and invite people to donate. This kind of peer-to-peer fundraising is very effective and gives it a personal touch; people often feel more comfortable and excited to support friends, family, and colleagues. You can learn more about FUNdraising here; you can create a campaign until 11:59 PM PT on May 4.

  • Do donations that come in through the FUNdraising campaigns qualify for matching gifts?

    Yes, donations that come in through peer-to-peer FUNdraising campaigns count toward the matching gift total of the organization. If the FUNdraising page also has a match, that means the amount matched doubles!