Stars and Stripes for Perera

by Tony Roberts

This month it is the turn of the Stars and Stripes to leap up the table. August saw the United States enjoy strong performances and winning ways in Hungary, and they overtake the likes of Germany, France and Belarus to claim 24th position.

Having started the month in 32nd that is quite a feat to have achieved, and it was the victories against Japan, hosts Hungary and the Czech Republic in the Balaton Cup, Siofok, that gave them this upwards boost.

At the top of the table little changes until we reach 10th position, where Spain drop to 11th and are replaced by the UAE. Mexico, Poland and Senegal rise one place each as Ukraine drops three places below all of them into 15th. Egypt, Panama and Nigeria also move up the rankings by one position.

There were significant drops for Germany and Hungary who fell by three places, and Azerbaijan who fell by four into 33rd. 

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