Player Profile - Alex Caceres

by Brian Hallberg

While in the middle of coaching 80 kids at our week long summer camp in Tumwater, Alex took a few minutes to talk about his career, his life and his love for soccer.  I have had the priviledge of watching Alex work with my son individually and kids of all skills and ages and I can attest to his love for the game of soccer and his love for kids.  Please take a few moments to learn a little bit more about Alex Caceres.

Why do you spend so much time coaching kids at camps, clinics and private training?

I do it because back where I am from, and many other countries, kids don’t have a chance to even kick a ball and here “Thank God” we can.   So, I love to put a smile and teach the kids because they are the future of this world.

When did you move to America and what brought you here?

I moved here 20 years ago to study, have a better future, to help my Mom and family and to make my dreams come true.

What brought you to Tacoma from El Paso?

Nick (Perera) and I played in Ontario for a season and always had a good relationship.

I saw this team was really organized and professional and I loved the environment when I came to played here when I was with Ontario and El Paso.  I want to thank Lane and Nick for opening the doors here to this amazing club.

What can players in this league do to help grow this league?

Players need to Interact more with kids, go to schools, and get out in the city.  This league has so much protentional and talent.  I’m sure we will keep growing.

What are you looking forward to seeing from the Stars this upcoming season?

I want to leave it all on the field, play and stay always together no matter what the score is and to make it all to the way to the finals!

You have consistently been in the top 4 in assists as a defender over the past few years, what do you think you need to add to your game or for people to see in your play to be named as a top defender in this league?

I don’t need to add anything, I just will keep working hard for my teammates and the club every second of the season and off season.  The awards are a plus to me.  I have won championships and awards before but thanks to my teammates and my effort and love of this game.  I just want to win and win titles.