by Pete Richmire

TACOMA, WA. -We know you love to cheer for the Stars on the field but now, we want you to get to know the players you cheer for! Every week we will spotlight a different Tacoma Stars player and highlight them here. In our sights for this week is nine-year Stars veteran defender Cory Keitz!

Q: We are going to get right to the point first off! You, Danny Waltman, or Mike Ramos with a fresh coat of color, who has the best locks on the team? 

A: Haha great question!!  I'm biased, so of course I have the best flow!!  

Q: You are from Michigan and played college soccer in Indiana. Midwest winters or Northwest winters, which do you prefer and why? 

A: This is easy, Northwest winters.  It can be rough in the Midwest with all the snow and sub-zero temps for weeks at a time.

Q: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? 

A: Star Wars Phantom Menace Darth Maul

Q: You scored the first-ever MASL All-Star Game goal in 2020. Aside from that one, do you have a most memorable goal, assist, or block?  

A: The game-winning goal for USA vs Mexico in Chihuahua.  Was my first win in Mexico!!  To score the game-winner for my country meant a lot to me!

Q: You went to the Nationals two straight years with the Kitsap Pumas in the PDL. What was that experience like?  

A: Incredible experience to play for Kitsap and have the success we had.  Losing in the final still hurts, but the experiences gained have helped me in my professional career!!

Q: Pizza or tacos? 

A: TACOS.. it's not even close!!

Q: What was the hardest thing to adjust to when you made the move to play indoor soccer?  

A: The boards haha!!  The ball is always in play and the boards create a new element/challenge.  It changes the way you have to defend compared to outdoor.

Q: What is your favorite MASL venue to play in, not including the accesso ShoWare Center?  

A: Arena Monterrey!!  Amazing city with an awesome venue!!

Q: Visiting the ocean or mountains, which do you prefer?  

A: Ocean!  I'm a beach person and an avid surfer!!

Q: Favorite sports movie? 

A: Caddyshack. It is my all-time favorite movie.

Q: One thing about Cory Keitz that would surprise fans?  

A: I'm an avid gardener.